The Gift

Yesterday, I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I was baptized into the LDS church. I honestly cannot put into words the love and peace that I felt. I know the church has a bad name among many. Those that don’t know it and those that have left it. Being a woman who is about to celebrate her 20th anniversary of turning 20, I was able to learn about the church with an open mind. 

Many people get baptized within a month of beginning their investigation into the church. I took over a year to learn and to study. To deconstruct and to understand. No one was more surprised then I when I received Heavenly Fathers answer to my prayers. It was not an easy decision. It take a strength and courage to choose to follow a religion that none in my family believe in. And don’t get me wrong, there are facets of the church I do not support. But, I do believe in the Gospel and I have felt nothing but peace about this decision. In the photograph above I am with the two missionaries that started my investigative journey and the two missionaries that ended it. I am so supremely blessed to know them and love them. I know that God out them in my path when I was open and ready to receive his word. 

At my baptism I expected maybe 15 people to be there. There were over 50! The little room was absolutely packed and it was with people that love and care about me. People that I, in my mortality didn’t think cared that much. I am still overflowing with the abundance of love that was shown to me. 

While I am now a member, my investigation is not over. Each day I will be studying and learning and questioning more. Because that is how God made me.


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