Tomorrow is a big day. I have to finish cleaning my home, the sisters are coming over to spend some time just hanging out. Then family will start to arrive. I have to braid my hair and pack a small bag with my outfit and make up. After that I wait, I wait until it is time to leave for the church. I will be baptized. I will accept God as the creator and Jesus Christ as his son, redeemer and savior of the earth. I make this promises in the same church where we had my brother-in-laws funeral two years ago. A building that at one time you couldn’t pay me to walk into because of that memory, now brings me comfort and peace. Oh, I know it isn’t the building, just the memory. 

So here I lay awake, watching a movie that the church would not seem appropriate (Expendables 3) and knowing not that God never left my side. He gave us his only begotten son who took all of our sins upon him. I will strive every day to live by Gods commandments and do my best to help bring peace to others. So, tonight I say goodbye to the old me and tomorrow, I will say hello to the “enhanced” me. We are all one people, we are all one family, and we are all one love.


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